Xiao's Discord Ban Appeal

By, Xiao, posted 1 month ago

1 month ago - edited

# f0-n49-fw8Gqtpn0

1. Steam Name: Xiao

2. Ingame Name: Xiao

3. SteamID: 76561198353761206

4. Ban Length: Permanent

5. Admin that Banned you: Fedra

6. Reason for Ban: reacting to a lgbtq thing with the word gay

7. Dispute: its been like 2 months and i feel as i am now back at the right mindset to rejoin this glorious society



1 month ago

# wTiGgXnuudGkku5Z

Neutral +/- Well you did call someone out and yes its been 2months mate but how we know you changed


1 month ago - edited

# ZVPR1kPeGXwz3eqw

Following a vote made with Management + Head of Staff, we have decided to deny your ban appeal at this time. You may not create another ban appeal for atleast 14 days.


This ban appeal that you made isn't even the whole truth, you reacted 'GAY F&GGOT' to our partner discord server, which is just a pathetic and sad thing to do.

You have been toxic to many other members of the community, you expressed homophobic text and racism on multiple occasions, not to mention breaking rules many times.

We no longer tolerate toxicity here at Prestige Alliance, and you will remain banned.

I apologise if this is the news that you do not want to hear.

If you prove yourself in game that your behaviour has changed, we can unban you then.

Kind regards,



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