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Chain of Command & Hierarchy of OOC Ranks

To help make our ranking structure clear and understandable, we have outlined our chain of command/hierarchy for the community/OOC ranks. Please note that this is subject to change based on any re-structuring decisions made by Management. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Staff Team.


The owner's primary responsibilities are ensuring that the community and server are progressing in the vision in which they have outlined. Owners work closely with Senior Management & Development Team to ensure we are performing to the best of the ability. You can of course come to either Owners (Visa/OBEY)

Senior Management

Senior Manager is the highest role someone can achieve within our communities, these individuals have been chosen by the owners because we believe they have our exact passion and vision and want to make the best server possible. SMT has all powers within the server to remove and change roles. Senior Management Team oversee the server and each individual team involved, to ensure all members of our teams are operating at their best capacity.

Head of Staff

The Head of Staff is responsible for ensuring that the Staff Team is working efficiently, they have the power to accept or deny applications for the Staff Team and can also remove people from their roles within the staff team. The Staff Manager works closely with SMT to ensure that the staff team are fully capable of their job. If you have any reports against a member of the staff team, or a serious complaint you are welcome to bring it directly to the HoS.

Event Manager

The Event Manager is the leader of the Events Team, this individual manages the team and events that are being put out, they have the ability to approve or deny event team applications, remove people from the event team and give out any appropriate punishments. The Event Manager can work closely with Senior Management to ensure that the server has appropriate maps, content and addons to produce the best environment for the team to work with.

Staff Team

The Staff Team are handpicked people who have proven they respect and appreciate our server rules and values. These people understand our vision for the server and have the power to keep it in place by using appropriate measures towards people who are ruining the experience for others. They should also be well adept in the server themes and content, meaning they can give you support within and outside the server. If you have any general reports/requests or require assistance, you are always welcome to reach out to a member of the Staff Team.

Events Team

The Event Team consists of creative and talented individuals who have a passion for accurate star wars lore events. These people are the core to our roleplay and allow the server to be enjoyable and are very important to us. It is expected that event team members host passive/active, on world or off world events to entertain the server player base. Please note staff team members also have the ability to request an event from the events team, and/or host their own event as long as it doesn't overlap with a scheduled event.

Community Representatives

CR's are loyal or veteran members of the community that wish to help the future of the server. There are three jobs within this team: Communicator (Hosts community events and gathers feedback), Advertiser (Advertises the server and helps with promoting server growth), and Discord Helper (helps others in discord and ensures discord rules are being followed). Monthly prizes are given out to those who contribute the most towards the team and stand out to the Team Lead.


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