Kenny's RSC Application

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SteamID: STEAM_0:0:97006044

How old are you?: 17

What are your expectations to Command?: Leading, Training & Regular Attendance.

Time on server: Time Logged by system is 2 weeks, Joined Prestige 1 yr ago.

Name & Ingame name: Kenny/Connor

Experience: Former RSC 2LT & Jedi HC

Are you aware that if you are inactive for more than 4 days you will be demoted from Command?: Yes

Are you active?: Yes

In your eyes what does Command do?: Lead, Train, Teach & Watch over the Troopers to make sure that they are always up to standard at all times.

What would you do during the event of an ambush?: (Describe)

Initiate a Lockdown and sweep the key areas of the Base to check for breach.

What would you do if a Sith has been spotted during the mission?: (Describe)

Inform the Jedi Order. Triangulate the Position of the Sith & Form a Perimeter while Jedi Arrive.

Where would you place the different units during a attack on a hostile Base?: (Describe)

Shock - RCC | 501st & 212th - MHB | 21st - SHB | SPEC-OPS - MHB | Jedi - MHB | 104th - MHB/SHB

What would you do during a attack on the base?:

Oversee from the Command Center. Troopers report to Battle-stations and Set Defense Condition and Assign a Ground Command Squad Leader.

Are you aware that everything told within Command will be kept confidential and will not be said to Troops?: Yes

Are you aware that you will be a role model for other troops?: Yes

Is there any questions for Command that you want to have answered during your interview?

Additional Notes: I have formally been RSC so I have understanding on what to do.


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