Donkers Jedi ban appeal

By, Donker, posted 1 week ago

1 week ago - edited

# 8Idc_5lWiUCI31an

1. Steam Name: Donker

2. Ingame Name: Donker

3. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:214156124

4. Ban Length: Permanent

5. Admin that Banned you: Fedra

6. Reason for Ban: Using mulitple skill trees

7. Dispute: It has been a while since my punishment, and I believe within my time outside of Jedi, I have matured, and I believe, if given another chance, I will prove myself to be worthy of the package. I am committed to changing the past imagery of myself on the job. I am sorry to Rise and Iky for continuously breaking the rules, when I shouldn't have, I would like to start again and prove myself. if you want you can put me under staff watch list so i dont do it again



1 week ago

# 2FSzkFP5-p5Eiji3

Upon further discussion with Fedra + Management, we have decided to accept your ban appeal for Jedi.

Please note that you will need to start as a Youngling once again, and that you will be on a one strike basis. This means that if you are caught breaking the jedi rules, you will be instantly removed without any further warning.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Staff Team. You will need to be re-whitelisted by staff.


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