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If you are a part of our Discord then you will have likely been made aware of the changes taking place to the server! We have recently announced that we are moving towards a single regiment based server called the 161st Star Corps. We have been open for over a year now and have ups and downs as a community, and changed many things from donator packages, BF2 models to CGI and have consistently have had changes in our in-game leadership.

This forum post is to further explain the changes made and put a few minds at ease in terms of what we are doing within our community. Firstly we are aware the server activity has been a bit hit and miss for the last few months, some times great and sometimes low. Multiple factors come into this, and very recently some core players have decided it's time to explore other servers. We wish them luck finding some fun and are always welcome here, but we are now taking this opportunity to move forward and bring Prestige back to it's core with Obey and I directing most of the changes as opposed to old server leaders. We have used the same format for over a year and it's quite frankly not working for us and has gone stale. By making these changes and moving forward, introducing new donation packages to the community we are hoping to get some new eyes on our server and build the community bigger than before. We have always been a very tight-knit and close community but now we want to expand and broaden our horizon by introducing more unique elements to the server.

This starts by having our own regiment, we are no longer restricted to lore and people's opinions on whether we should be strict on lore or relaxed. Or if someone wants to command a regiment, they aren't forced down a certain roleplay dynamic instead now we can make it work for us.

Whilst Jedi has remained untouched and will simply now work with 161st, we have taken the decision to remove Tamarin and offer players a change of package. Tamarin has been a very popular choice since it first was introduced and at the time we thought it was great to have a Mandalorian faction however as time went on it became more and more apparent that Tamarin wasn't what we intended it to be, and as of lately lacks the playerbase for us to make a overhaul on it. We also questioned how it would fit into our new structures and decided it was best to remove it as it just makes complications as it has done in the past. In it's place we have tried to incorporate more Republic related jobs, these jobs tie into the server much better and keeps the server dynamic as Clone Wars Roleplay as that is what we are. Times are changing and we plan on moving forward, whilst we understand we can't make everyone happy we are trying to evolve and grow into new things. As you've probably noticed we have recently revamped our logo as we move into the next chapter.

Whether you're a new player or old, you can expect us to be putting in 110% into the server, introducing never seen before custom content, new content and overhauling some of our old mechanics. Please feel free to add your suggestions to our Discord and we will take a look but please remember that Management still hold the final decision and during this time we might be reluctant to accept suggestions that interfere with our plans! We ask for your trust as we try to create a enjoyable server, if you think you know better or would like to be closer to us and give your feedback to us please take the time to apply to one of our teams to be that one step closer to us.

Thank you for taking the time for reading I hope you look forward to these changes as much as we do.

  • - Visa & Prestige Alliance Management


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