Briggsey's Staff Application

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Steam Name: |Briggseyy|☢🐱

Ingame Name: CT CPT 3666 Briggsey/ Apollo

Age: 21

Steam Profile Link: Steam Community :: |Briggseyy|☢🐱

Time in GMod: 4.677 hours

Time In Server: 1 week 5days approximately.

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:104886641

Have you read the Rules and do you understand them fully?: Yes

Experience with StarwarsRP staffing: I have been staff numerous times in the past by hosting my own gmod servers such as starlight RP,Hyperspace RP etc etc. I have also been staff in this community a few times in past servers and this current server back a few months ago.

Why do you think you should get this position?: I feel like that I would be a good staff member because I can help control the minge's and punish them for not complying with the rules and failrping etc.

Are you active on Prestige Alliance?: Somewhat active, although am enjoying my fair share of WOT,H&G and fifa22 at the moment.

Are you aware if you are inactive for 72 hours with no further notice you will be demoted from your position?: Yes

Are you aware that you cannot apply if you have issues joining the server?: Yes, no issues at the moment.

Do you have a microphone?: Yes.

Are you fluent in English?: Yes.

How available are you?: Most days after 19:00GMT (UK) and most of the day Saturday & Sunday. Saturday and Sunday after 18:30 I wont be free as partake in Arma3 Milsim ops.

Do you have any outstanding warns?: No.

What does the staff team do?(MIN. 3 Sentences): They enforce the rules and punish players who are not complying with the server rules. They are also there to help out players in scenarios which require permissions in game, such as TP'ing if they are stuck. They also help the community over discord and answer any queries which may arise. This is what I would like to become (Mainly discord staff and responsibilities).

What is FailRP?: Failrp is something that a player does that their character wouldn't do, such as mic spamming and other things such as mingey behaviour. This could be like going up to people and just randomly shooting them (RDM)

Do you understand that you will be the frontline of the server and representing Prestige Alliance in every way?: Yes.

Do you understand that as a staff member you will be putting other people’s roleplay and experience before your own?: Yes.

Do you understand that you will be working in a professional environment and we expect you to promote professionalism? Yes.


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p.s Sorry for the delay on the response.


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