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Prestige Alliance is a Clone Wars Roleplay server set on Garry's Mod. Our server has a lot of unique custom content and we are extremely player driven.

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Official Section

Official forums dedicated to announcements, news, information and feedback.


Here you will find news, information and updates related to the site.

Development News

News and updates concerning Development for our Clone Wars Roleplay Server

Out of Character

A dedicated section of our forums for all things outside of Roleplay.

The Lounge

A place where the community can come together for general discussions

Application Center

Are you interested in applying for an Out of Character (OOC) position in our community? You can find our applications here.

Reports & Ban Appeals

Looking to report a player or appeal a ban/warning? Make a post here.

In Character

All things related to IC & Roleplay will be posted within this section.

Grand Army of the Republic

In Character Announcements can be made here by the higher ups.

Republic Strategic Command (RSC)

RSC are the officers that maintain order and command the troops during combat. This is a dedicated section where information on RSC can be shared, including announcements, applications, media and more.

The Jedi Order

A place where jedi can come together, for discussions, sharing of information, announcements, rules, and more..

Commander Applications

Are you looking to step up and take control of a battalion or regiment? Drop your application here to be reviewed.

Staff Section

This is a private area just for the staff team.


This is where deleted or inactive posts will usually end up. This is visible to everyone at the moment, but will be restricted to staff only in the future.

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