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WiltOS Sabers

Our server runs the WiltOS's premium Advanced Lightsaber Combat System, which enables us to provide a unique and immersive combat experience, skill system, and crafting structure to our Jedi players.

Powerful Specs

We host our server on a powerful server based on a i7 7700k 4.0GHz CPU with Raid SSD and its own dedicated IP.

Custom Content

Our server contains a large amount of customized content, addons and premium scripts. We are always working on bringing more unique elements to improve your experience here!

Scheduled Events

Daily events are scheduled ahead of time by the Event Teams, each events is lore consistent and fully immersive on the battlefield!

Consistent Updates

There is a constant stream of updates and development progress being made weekly on the server! We have over 1000+ suggestions and we prioritise giving the community what they want!


With over 100+ monthly players, we have a great ever-growing player base that continues to provide feedback and suggestions on how we can grow!

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Senior Admin | [PA] Clone Wars Roleplay


Senior Admin | [PA] Clone Wars Roleplay


Senior Admin | [PA] Clone Wars Roleplay

Mr Sam

Senior Admin | [PA] Clone Wars Roleplay

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Senior Admin | [PA] Clone Wars Roleplay